With the unique Front-end/Back-end (FeBe) solution.

All You Need to Succeed in One Convenient Technology

FeBe is a collection of interrelated systems and tools that combine to help you maintain code quality.

  • Provides technical agility.
  • Furnishes tools that are easy to share, find and extend.
  • Leverages benefits of BedrocK and Danta technologies.

Re-define Quality Control

Build on what’s already been created… with ease.

  • 50% That’s how many projects fail to launch on time or on budget overcome that with FeBe.
  • $122 Million Businesses waste this amount each year for every $1 billion invested due to failed projects. With FeBe, you’ll have a more respectable ROI.
  • 100% Every business has peaks and valleys of success. Minimize those valleys with FeBe’s ability to provide human-readable documentation to ensure your specified project requirements will be met.