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Effortless Open Source

Danta allows developers to use technologies they already know, accelerating the re-use of technical assets. This innovative

  • Expedites implementation time.
  • Offers complete transparency.
  • Doesn’t lock you in to one vendor.

For Danta repositories and documentation, visit:

Instant Gratification

In open-source projects, contributors are constantly striving for new and better ways to improve the technology. This means
fast solutions to issues and progress that’s proven in real time.

Fast facts:

  • $0 There is no charge to use the basic open-source version of Danta, though all users are subject to basic licensing
  • 78% of U.S. Companies Use open-source technology, according to a North Bridge survey.
  • 100% Compatible Though it was initially developed for AEM, Danta will work seamlessly with other platforms too.