What is it BedrocK EaaS?

It’s a turnkey integration platform that automates and accelerates time to market through a seamlessly integrated process—from design to development to deployment—creating a best-of-breed, closed loop digital experience platform.

Experience as a Service (EaaS)

The following benefits of BedrocK result in time-to market acceleration, codified quality and lower TCO—creating the ultimate Experience as a Service.

Key Features:

  • Software Defined Everything
  • Seamless System Integration
  • Automated Administration & Maintenance
  • Automated Provisioning
  • Dynamic Scaling
  • End-to-end Development
  • Design Reuse
  • Instant Maturity
  • Codified Domain Knowledge, Development and Infrastructure
  • Enforced Quality
  • Reduced Implementation Time
  • Lower Infrastructure Maintenance Costs
  • Resource Specialization
  • Data Ownership

BedrocK Service Layer

At the very top of the stack is the Experience layer that provides a consistent device-optimized experience across channels including websites, mobile, kiosks, social, print, and custom applications.


This is the layer that business users, such as Marketers, Content Contributors, & Data Scientists interact with, which provides a way for users to self-manage the targeted, personalized end-user experience at the speed of business. Instead of building the functionality, we integrate Best-of-Breed applications automatically.


This is the layer that Developers will live, and where custom Application Development happens. Our “secret sauce” facilitates the delivery of unique experiences through a quality-first development experience using common development paradigms like Danta, a full SDLC, and rapid developer onboarding.

Infrastructure Operations is handled by GRID, forming the foundation of how BedrocK provides operational excellence. Utilizing Containers, it manages all core operations such as traffic responsiveness, dynamic scalability, and complete redundancy/DR.

That’s Not All

From precise customer profiling to real-time adaptive segmentation, reporting, and analytics—BedrocK checks all the boxes for digital marketing success.

Get started today with this amazing solution for your business.